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 The very first question should be:  Do I Need A Website?

Let’s face it, when was the last time you looked for something in the yellow pages. And even if you did you might find a small add with an address and phone number. Whereas a website can deliver a wide range of information to the visitor and start the process of building a customer relationship.

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 E-Commerce Websites:  Your Business Open 24/7

An E-commerce site can generate sales without you being there. An E-commerce website can remove the barriers of time and distance and expand your market reach, bringing additional customers to your business 356 days a year.

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 Site Security:  Built in Firewall

To further enhance the security of the sites constructed by us we add a standalone secure firewall that wraps around your website. This firewall adds a new layer to a number of access points to your website.

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 Members Area:  All the information you will need

Our Members Area contains tutorials so you can operate your website as well as instructions on image editing & programs to use. The Members area is exclusive to Dystar Design clients and you will find a wide variety of information that will help you to operate, expand and modify your website.

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Our Honest Opnion

It seems nowadays that the philosphy is grab the cash and run. Honesty seems to take a back seat to marketing and website construction is no different.

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The Truth


It seems nowadays that the philosophy is grab the cash and run. Honesty seems to take a back seat to marketing and website construction is no different.

Now this is not a blanket statement for the website construction industry but regrettably there are far too many that place marketing hype in front of the truth or simply forget to add the information you need to know. There is an old saying "Times Change" Well that is not correct. Time stays constantly moving forward, it's people who change and more importantly people's attitudes.

So here are some examples.

Get your website online and start making money

While this is not untrue some information has been regrettably left out. Websites are long term propositions, not a 5 minute done and dusted exercise. It takes time and effort to make your website an asset of your business and that effort will be rewarded. There are some short term gains, like having all the information that you want to show your potential customers available for them 24/7 but they have to find you first. That takes time for your site to show up in the search results, setting your keywords so that people looking for your type of business can find you in the search engines. This will not happen over night and will be ongoing adjustment to your sites information that will help you get found.

You will have your site up and running in 5 minutes.

Well that is simply not true. It will take more than 5 minutes, a lot more. You need to give considerable thought to what and how you want to portray your business online. You will need time to gather images and what text will go with those images to better or clearly explain what you do. What pages and information you want to have in your site will also take time to sort out. And to set up the hosting, configure it to work and load up even basic content will take a lot longer than 5 minutes.

Simply load up your template and your ready to go.

What a load of rubbish. To set up a functioning website there are a number of steps to follow including Domain name registration. Configure the DNS (Domain Name Server) to point to your website files. Hosting has to be selected that is reliable and has the correct configuration and programs that will allow your website to function (not all servers are the same). The database has to be established and then configured to operate with your website program. Most of this information is conveniently left off, leaving you with a nightmare to resolve through countless hours searching the internet to find how to do it.

These are just a couple of examples and there are a lot more. So when you are considering a website and looking around, look past the hype. There are a lot of technical issues, that aren't hard for someone who knows what they are doing. They can be daunting to the beginner. Also consider backup when you need it. Will they be there to help, or even want to help.

You should also look at site backups and site security. If your site gets hacked, what will you do. If your hosting server changes some of it operating programs to a later version and suddenly your site doesn't work, what will you do. Most of the time you are left to fend for yourself. So check what you get for the money and will they be there when you need them.

I can only say. We will.