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 The very first question should be:  Do I Need A Website?

Let’s face it, when was the last time you looked for something in the yellow pages. And even if you did you might find a small add with an address and phone number. Whereas a website can deliver a wide range of information to the visitor and start the process of building a customer relationship.

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 E-Commerce Websites:  Your Business Open 24/7

An E-commerce site can generate sales without you being there. An E-commerce website can remove the barriers of time and distance and expand your market reach, bringing additional customers to your business 356 days a year.

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 Site Security:  Built in Firewall

To further enhance the security of the sites constructed by us we add a standalone secure firewall that wraps around your website. This firewall adds a new layer to a number of access points to your website.

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 Members Area:  All the information you will need

Our Members Area contains tutorials so you can operate your website as well as instructions on image editing & programs to use. The Members area is exclusive to Dystar Design clients and you will find a wide variety of information that will help you to operate, expand and modify your website.

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Our Honest Opnion

It seems nowadays that the philosphy is grab the cash and run. Honesty seems to take a back seat to marketing and website construction is no different.

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Site Security


Internet Security is a critical component of any website. We include a separate firewall security suite into every site.

Any website sitting on a hosting server is normally protected by the ISP's firewall, however with the vast array of different types of site designs, programing launguages and scripts that any site may require the ISP's firewall ends up reasonably broad. Hackers know this and have developed numerous ways of getting around these firewalls.firewall-1

To further enhance the security of the sites constructed by us we add a standalone secure firewall that wraps around your website. This firewall adds a new layer to a number of access points to your website.

The primary access point is the administration area of the site from which any part or component of your site can be modified. Normally the access to the administration area requires an address to be typed into the address bar which will take you to a login screen where a username and password can be added. Hackers are well aware of this and are easily able to reach this login page. Our security suite adds a second layer of protection by adding a security token to also be included in the address bar to access the login page. Failure to provide this token results in an exception report being generated and emailed to the administrator with details of the offending IP address and other relevant information. With this information the offending IP address can be blocked from accessing your website.

The firewall also adds several layers of protection to key areas of your website including the database files, functional component programs, file transfer protocols (FTP), image directories and the firewall program itself, just to name a few.

Operation of the firewall is not difficult and you, as the owner of the site can administer the day to day operation of the program without the need for any programing skills. Simple point and click actions are really all that is required.

The security suite also includes a complete site backup utility which again, is a simple point and click operation. Backups of your site are a critical function in maintaining the security and integrity of your website.

At the start of the construction of your website, this security program will be one of the topice for discussion. We provide a number of video tutorials on the operation and maintenance of the security program in our members area.

However if you are not comfortable with operating the security system we have maintenance plans available to maintain the firewall function on your behalf.

The end result is the security of your website is greatly enhanced, giving you peace of mind.