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 The very first question should be:  Do I Need A Website?

Let’s face it, when was the last time you looked for something in the yellow pages. And even if you did you might find a small add with an address and phone number. Whereas a website can deliver a wide range of information to the visitor and start the process of building a customer relationship.

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 E-Commerce Websites:  Your Business Open 24/7

An E-commerce site can generate sales without you being there. An E-commerce website can remove the barriers of time and distance and expand your market reach, bringing additional customers to your business 356 days a year.

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 Site Security:  Built in Firewall

To further enhance the security of the sites constructed by us we add a standalone secure firewall that wraps around your website. This firewall adds a new layer to a number of access points to your website.

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 Members Area:  All the information you will need

Our Members Area contains tutorials so you can operate your website as well as instructions on image editing & programs to use. The Members area is exclusive to Dystar Design clients and you will find a wide variety of information that will help you to operate, expand and modify your website.

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Our Honest Opnion

It seems nowadays that the philosphy is grab the cash and run. Honesty seems to take a back seat to marketing and website construction is no different.

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Low Cost Alternative


If you are comfortable with a computer and can follow easy to understand instructions then you can save hundreds on the cost of your website construction.

D.I.Y. Websites from $580

We register your Domain name and configure it to point to your website files hosted on the internet. We set up your hosting account and configure the database to link with your wesite files. We set up the contact parameters for your web form and emails.

We will set up and configure your website with all the basic components required for it to function correctly. This includes the menu structure for the links to your pages are configured and four (4) dummy links pointing to blank pages in your website are included. The design template is uploaded and design areas are modified to suite your requirements. In short all the technical aspects of your website are configured and ready to go. All you have to do is add the content (like typing into a word document) and upload your images (really easy once we show you how).

Your Domain Name is included in the D.I.Y. cost and the first years hosting is also included in the D.I.Y cost.

Full access to our members area where all the written and video tutorials that show you how to operate your website are held.

What is Included:

  •     Your Domain Name registration
  •     The first Years hosting of your website
  •     Website files fully configured to function correctly, loaded onto the hosting server
  •     Website template (design) uploaded and configured
  •     Modifications to the template design to suite your requirements
  •     Menu structure with four (4) dummy links pointing to blank pages (see below)
  •     Emails configured and set up
  •     Contact Us page configured including contact form
  •     Full access to our members area
  •     Full security firewall to protect your website
  •     Your Home page fully configured with your required text added
  •     Registration of your website with major search engins
  •     Website backup component configured for full site backup
  •     Basic Search Engine Optimization


Domain Name: This is your website address e.g. www.yourdomainname.com.au Registration for .com.au is for two (2) years and required renewal every two years.

Hosting: This is space rented on a server that holds your website files.

Website Template: A template is the design that a visitor sees when they go to your website.

Menu Structure: These are the links that point to the pages within your website. We set up four blank pages with the menu links pointing to those pages. All you have to do is change the name of the menu item (detailed instructions in members area, but is simply highlight and type new menu name). Four blank pages are installed where you can add your text and images which are linked to the menu items. Expansion of the menu and additional pages are covered in detail in the members area.

Now, while the above may seem a bit daunting, it really isn't. If you can create a letter in Microsoft word then you can handle this and in the process save money and be in complete control of your website. All you need is a bit of time and in real terms the time to add the content and images is measured in minutes. If we completely build your site then you would have to still type out the content that you want to add as only you know your business well enough to do that. The additional time spent is uploading the text to your sits page which is just minutes. Those few minutes can save you hundreds of dollars and don't forget we are there to help all the way through. If there is something you don't understand or are not sure about, we are an email or phone call away.

So what do you have to do from here. Decide on your Domain name and then contact us. We will go through the construction process with you and if your happy to proceed we will set up and configure the site ready for the content. It really is that simple.